The Many Faces of Luna

I want a Luna to wear around my neck at all times…

I want a kitty that makes awesome faces and rides around on my shoulder.

The sheer quantity of Luna wtf? moments never ceases to amaze me.

In today’s post, Luna is not above noming on an arm to get a point across. Also she supports doing your math homework, even if the material is pretty peculiar for a Japanese middle school.

When Minako doesn’t wanna listen to Luna and Artemis’ backtalk and wtfs, she just traps them in a bag, how harsh. Also, despite Luna’s noble attempt to deliver Usagi her lunch, the plan backfired.

In this post we learn that Luna’s moon symbol also functions as a disco ball, and that she is helpless when pinned by Usagi’s arm in her sleep.

Luna is very frequently too serious. She and Ami need to relax.

Hurt Luna is so depressing. Also, turns out the moon on her head is functional as a flashlight.

Sometimes it only takes 2-3 scenes to see 9 different Luna emotions.

Luna’s wide range of emotional outbursts sometimes leaves her sleepy and in need of naps between fits of fear and desperation.